March 24, 2023

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Do you have anything to say about Indposts? We would love to hear from you!

Indposts is a community for all kinds of people. The indposts community welcomes contributions from all spheres on our renowned Indposts platform. Should you be able to offer something of value that you would like to communicate with our community, We want to give you a chance to share it.

Suppose you’re an entrepreneur with valuable insights to impart, an investor with wisdom to offer or a fan of Indposts with an innovative take on the business. In that case, We’d like we hear from you.

If you’re seeking an opportunity to express your thoughts, look no further than We’d love your input!

What kind of publications do we offer? has a focus on lifestyle, stories and business news. We are looking for writers or authors to create Content for our site. We publish original Content showing how entrepreneurs and small companies began their journey. The global presence, internet-based marketing, human resources, and the most up-to-date technological advancements are all part of a thriving presence. We are interested in working with individuals who write. Perhaps your business’s chief executive or founder would like to write for us. This would be great. Please include the story of your company and the steps you took to make it profitable.

We also publish business news on the internet that our readers may find fascinating. So, if you come across any business news that you think our readers would love, email us at

What guidelines should you adhere to when” writing for us”?

Unique and Informative Content

The fundamental rule to follow when creating an article is to be distinctive and distinct from other Content that others have written or registered. It is essential to provide something different to the reader to make them want to check out your article. You can accomplish this by writing on a new subject or by presenting an existing topic with a fresh perspective.

Your Content should be thoroughly researched and written. You should edit your Content before hitting your publish button!

Simple and can increase curiosity

For a new business to start, you must have an enlightened plan that can only be accomplished through writing out your ideas. It is something to be taken seriously, as, with a plan of action, it could be easier to keep track of your progress and implement any changes as you go.

There are a variety of ways to start the process of writing business planning. There are a variety of templates and examples on the internet, or you can even hire a professional to write it for you if you opt to go the DIY way. We’ve prepared for you our FREE business planning template.

Use Examples

Your readers will be able to easily comprehend your mistakes and advice when you provide examples that are relatable when writing. Make sure you keep your examples short and simple to allow everyone to understand and understand them. The most important thing is to create an engaging essay that people desire to read.

What can we not publish?

  • Too much advertising
  • Already published Content
  • Copied Content
  • False information
  • Use of Pics/images
  • Individual Profiles

Guidelines to Follow for Article Submission

1. Explore our blog in depth and learn to appreciate our style of writing as well as our tone and the general theme of the blog.

2. Select topics: Before Pitching your article, please read our blog posts and think of three ideas for Content that are unique and you’re passionate about writing. Thorough, well-studied essay.

3. Create a formal proposal: Include the three subjects you’ve picked and briefly describe each idea for an article. Remember to explain your reasons for why you’re the perfect writer for the particular topic.

4. When your article is approved: Once we permit you to submit your report in the form of a Word document that includes images (if there are any). Also, please include a short author bio at the bottom of your piece.

5. Editing procedure: We will edit your post for clarity, flow, and grammar. You can read the edited version and suggest changes before it is posted to the website.

6. Add 1-2 External Links

7. Word Limit: We Allow Only 600+ Articles

What is the significance of guest posting for your company?

Guest posting is a fantastic opportunity to increase your visibility and get your company’s name noticed. By writing Content for other websites, you’re expanding your reach and contacting potential customers who might not have had access. Also, guest posting helps you establish relationships with other companies and industry leaders. These relationships are beneficial for collaboration and networking. In addition, guest posts will increase your website’s reach by providing high-quality Content that people would like to read and post and share.

What are the best tips for creating a memorable guest article?

When you write your guest blog post, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Make sure you write on a subject pertinent to the site or blog you’re writing for. Also, ensure that your piece is written well and instructively. It is also essential to include a call to action at your piece’s conclusion so that readers know what to do following.

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