March 24, 2023
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A business card is a crucial component of every brand as it’s a tangible object that remains with the customers. In addition, the typography, information, logo, illustration, color scheme, and everything else impact your customers’ minds. 

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, people have been emphasizing the need for contactless sharing. That’s where a digital business card comes in. It’s a modern and safe replacement for traditional paper business cards. 

A digital business card can be shared with your customers through a link or QR code. Similar to traditional business cards, these too contain vital details of your business and give you immense scope to customize it to stand out from your competitors. 

The best part is that digital business cards allow you to share clickable links and multimedia on your card. You can update links on your e-card and direct people towards your social media pages.

Below enlisted are some amazing features of digital business cards that will blow your mind: 

Quick Connect

A digital business card gives you a quick connect button that allows customers to reach their required contact in a few seconds. Furthermore, an info button will fetch you every minute detail about the business. You can get the complete brand information, including social media page links and other important ones. 

If you intend to make your customized mobilo cards someday, don’t forget to add this quick feature.  

Email Signature

Smart Mobilo card gives owners a chance to add an email signature to a digital business card. Every time you share an email, your business card will be included for unlimited sharing. 

The email signature is compatible with Google, Outlook, and other major platforms. It’s an easy feature to understand and use. 

Whoever receives this email signature will have access to your business links, videos, and social media pages, scan QR codes and save contacts. 

Video Sharing

Because videos have been found to provide a decent ROI for 89% to marketers, why not promote your brand’s services and products through videos? One can share video tips, instructions, and recommendations or just create an interactive intro video from your device. 

Every time you upload a new video to your digital business cards, your customers will get a notification. The best thing is, using the analytics dashboard, you can track the performance of your newly uploaded video and find out who all streamed it. 

There are innumerable apps that help you make this possible. First, make sure the app you use to track is compatible across multiple platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Wistia, Vimeo, etc. 


The next feature that one can utilize is adding a Gallery. It introduces a new dimension to your digital business card altogether. The images are scrollable, and videos can be uploaded, as we discussed above. In addition, you can insert images or add image links from YouTube, social media pages, or websites. 

Personalized Call-to-Action (CTA) Button

Do you intend to promote something or advertise a special product or event? Then, utilize the CTA feature to create and insert a catchy CTA at the end. Using the CTA feature, you can create a clickable link or image and take your customers to any suitable page as per your requirements. 


The next feature to utilize is adding the necessary documents to your digital business card. Ensure that people can click on it and read it easily. 

Attaching a doc to your e-card is easy. Simply copy the link. Now click on attach files. Next, paste the link in the section. Tap on Confirm. 


Are you willing to show off the best comments your customers have left for your services? You can create a testimonials section, especially for that. You can upload their comments or quotes and the customer image. If a customer has assigned you a 5-star rating, you can even flaunt that. 


With these latest features and innumerable advantages, you must switch to a digital business card if you haven’t yet replaced your traditional one. Digital business cards are easily customizable and can be transformed just as you like. With digital business cards, creativity isn’t restricted to the physical realm. 

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