September 29, 2023

After being accused of deceptive trade practice, Ticketmaster has agreed to a $10 million settlement. According to the lawsuit filed in 2016, Ticketmaster was accused of using drip pricing, a technique that shows the final price of a ticket only at the end of the buying process. This practice was alleged to have misled customers into thinking they were receiving a better deal. Ticketmaster 10m theVerge

Ticketmaster agreed to pay a $ 10 million penalty to settle accusations that it was engaging in deceptive practices. Following an investigation by Federal Trade Commission, Ticketmaster was found to have charged ticket buyers hidden fees without properly disclosing this information. Ticketmaster has also committed to changing its business practices and refunding customers affected by hidden fees. Ticketmaster 10m theVerge

According to The Verge’s report, Ticketmaster agreed to pay a $10 million settlement. The settlement was made after it was accused of using its position in order to increase ticket prices unfairly. The settlement will be paid to a class of potential consumers who had filed a suit against the ticketing giant in 2003. Ticketmaster denied any wrongdoing and agreed to the settlement.

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