September 29, 2023

Dogs who have tracheal collapse may experience respiratory problems. When the trachea, the channel via which air travels to reach the lungs, collapses, it does so chronically, gradually, and irreversibly in dogs. Nevertheless, any animal, regardless of age, size, or breed, could experience tracheal collapse. In addition to the vet’s prescribed medicine, you can for a dog tracheal collapse home treatment, such as CBD/cannabidiol oil for your pet, can reduce inflammation-related symptoms such as skin redness, itching, etc., and help with lung function.

Signs of Collapsed Trachea

The onset of a dry, hoarse cough or a honking, loud cough in your furry babies is the first symptom you notice.

Other indications of canine tracheal collapse include:

  • Coughing when you touch your pet’s neck gently or pick it up
  • Coughing brought on by anxiety, physical activity, or freezing weather
  • Coughing that makes your pet gag, vomit, or make retching noises but has no phlegm
  • Blue mucous membranes or cyanotic episodes
  • Breathing problems and respiratory distress brought on by activities like drinking water, working out, and enthusiasm
  • Seizures, appetite loss, and sedentary behavior

Benefits of CBD

Early intervention for a collapsed trachea accelerates your dog’s rehabilitation and increases his life expectancy. However, if this medical condition is not treated, it can lead to severe complications and can even cause death. 

First, you must visit the veterinarian with your doggo and discuss its symptoms. Discuss potential remedies, including widening their airways and easing their discomfort, stress, and other emotions. Losing weight also lessens the severity of the signs that animals experience for tracheal collapse.

Another option is to go for CBD dog tracheal collapse home treatment, which offers pain relief without the adverse side effects of medications. Cannabidiol helps in the following ways:

  • It Reduces Stress and Anxiety 

One of the most acceptable natural and safe methods to reduce stress and anxiety for dogs is to use cannabidiol. Humans use CBD to reduce emotional triggers and manage anxiety and panic disorders; the same is true with your four-legged friends. As a result, such oil is a perfect alternative treatment for helping them with tracheal collapse-related anxiety.

  • It Helps in the Expansion of Airways 

Every pet parent wants to comfort their furry babies and ensure they’re in good health. You will want to ensure the air pathways do not become restricted, and CBD helps expand airways for collapsed trachea. It acts on the smooth muscles of the airways, leading to a  bronchodilator effect, widening the airways and allowing more air to enter.

  • It Helps in the Reduction of Inflammation

Cannabis has several components, such as cannabichromene and cannabigerol. These anti-inflammatory properties can lessen inflammation. So, if you administer CBD oil to your dogs, they can experience less inflammation. Inflammation can result in tracheal scarring, constriction, and increased pain and discomfort. However, this natural plant-based oil helps strengthen your pet’s immune system and overall health. 

  • It Helps in Reducing the Pain

CBD works excellent  in reducing pain. Cannabis’ analgesic properties have made it the preferred pain reliever for thousands of years. It alters how the nervous system transmits pain as one of its effects. 


CBD oil for a dog can help if they need relief. However, before trying out new methods, it is recommended that you must check in with your vet first before giving it a shot. Also, remember to only purchase CBD for pets from reputable retailers with trained personnel who can advise you on the best product and dose for your furry friend.

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