September 24, 2023
David Osborne Bryant Accident

The following research will allow you to learn about David Osborne Bryant Accident and provide you with all the necessary information.

The number of accidents is increasing day by day. Many people are losing their lives within a matter of seconds. David Osborne Bryant Accident is one of the accidents that has broken people’s hearts. On average, over 6 million accidents happen throughout the United States annually, which is enormous.

People are now becoming more cautious, and at times they are out of control and end up in horrific accidents. To learn more details about David Bryant, read the entire article.

The beginning of the life of Bryant

Bryant was born on April 5 1967, in TX; however, he spent most of his time in Lampasas. On July 29 2021, due to the David Osborne Bryant Accident, Bryant lost his life and his beloved dog Bolo.

He was a student in the Lampasas Independent School District. He was an excellent student in the academics department and was outstanding in football, art and arts. He graduated from Lampasas High School in 1985.

After his father worked as a cleaner at Modern Cleaners, he was later employed by Williams House. Later, he went to Devry University, located in New York. Then he relocated to Dallas and worked in IT. He got married in 2007. got married to Paulette Shehee. He was also an official in the corrections department at TDCJ.

David Osborne Bryant Accident

On July 9, 2021, on a Thursday, Bryant died at 54 in Lampasas with his dog Bolo, a dog he owned. The visitation in the Sneed Funeral Chapel was held on August 6 2021, a Friday. Funeral services took place in the same location at approximately 2.30 p.m. on August 7 2021, following the burial in the Oak Hill Cemetery.

Bryant was preceded in death by his dad in the year 2018. David O. Bryant Sr. Bryant Jr died along with his dog. It was a major loss to their friends, family and family. David Osborne Bryant Accidentbroke the hearts of his family members, but his soul lives on in the hearts of all those who love him. According to the saying, the body dies however, the soul lives on.


In closing the article, we concluded that Bryant passed away early so that Bryant could live longer and do more for others through his generosity, love, and love for loved ones and family. There are more information details about David Bryant on this page.

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